Simona Tedesco
Piano / Singing
About me

Simona Tedesco was born in Italy in 1986 and started her Musical Studies at the age of 8.She studied Piano at the Conservatory of Music “N.Piccinni” in Bari (Puglia, Italy) where she achieved Solfege and Music Theory, History of Music, Musical Harmony and Analysis Diplomas with excellent results.During the same period, Simona attended the University “A.Moro” of Bari, successfully completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Literature, achieving 107/110 marks and earning a specialization in Music of the style of Chopin.

She also obtained a Master’s Degree in Modern Philology, achieving the highest marks 110/110 cum laude and earning another specialization in Musical Analysis on a original manuscript of a theatrical work of the 20th century, “La favola del figlio cambiato” composed by the Italian G. Malipiero.

Simona refined her musical competences at the Conservatory of Music “N. Rota” of Monopoli (Puglia, Italy) guided by one of the greatest Italian teacher and Piano concert Performer, Paola Bruni.During that time she also studied Chamber Music, attended for two years the professional Choir of the Academy as a Alto Voice, and performed for several Piano Masterclasses and Recitals as a Piano soloist, in duo with other instrumentalists and for Concerts all over Italy with the Choir above – mentioned.

After starting her teaching career in Italy, Simona moved to Ireland in 2013 where she currently works as a piano teacher, singing coach, and actively performing Piano 4 hands with the pianist Yuliya Dykan. She has been esteemed as an excellent piano accompanist for the RIAM exams and for Junior and Leaving certs in High Schools all over Ireland.

In 2018 Simona graduated from the London College of music examinations in Piano Performance (ALCM – Performance, Recital) with highest marks.