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At Play Piano the academic tuition year for 2023 – 2024 consists of 40 weeks duration and is divided into three terms. The lessons fall into various categories for recurring students as set out below. If you have any questions please contact the office.

Gerry Nulty – School Director


Academic Year for 2023 - 2024


28th Aug –

20th Dec 2023

16 week term


4th Jan –  

27th April 2024

15 week term


29th April – 

29th June 2024

9 week term 


Summer Holidays 26th June - 27th August 2023
Halloween Break 30th October - 5th November 2023
Christmas Holidays 21st December - 3rd January 2024
St Bridgets Day5th February 2024
St. Patricks Day 17th March 2024
Easter Break 1st - 7th April 2024
May Public / Bank Holiday 6th May 2024
June Public / Bank Holiday 3rd June 2024

School Fees for 2023 - 2024

Hybrid Lessons

Students have a blend of one week In class followed by an online lesson.
1st Term€397.50
2nd Term€397.50
3rd Term€238.50

Distance Learning

Students receive a weekly online live video lesson from their tutor.
1st Term€397.50
2nd Term€397.50
3rd Term€238.50

In-Person Lessons

Students attend a weekly lesson in person on the Play Piano Campus
1st Term€397.50
2nd Term€397.50
3rd Term€238.50

At-Home Lessons

Students arrange to have a weekly private lesson taught in their own home
1st Term€450.00
2nd Term€450.00
3rd Term€270.00

Introductory Course

This is the mandatory 8 week programme which introduces a new student to the school
Per Class€26.50
Full Course€212.00

Exam Fees

In house exam fees are paid directly to the school by the student and will be requested before presentation of award certificate. Fees for any external exams are paid by the student directly to the relevant examining board and are sought at a documented time.

Relevant fees may be viewed by clicking on the more info button below.

Payment Terms and Conditions

Please note that fees are charged by the term and not on a weekly basis. Term 3 encorporates a booking deposit for the 1st lesson of term 1. This deposit which is non transferable must be paid in order for the school to automatically hold a students specific slot over the summer break for return in September. For any student not returning after the summer break this deposit will not be charged and acknowledgement of this must be made to your teacher / office by mail at the commencement of term 3. All fees must be cleared by the end of a term

Fees for the relevant types of lessons for the academic year of 2023 / 2024 will be as advertised above.

A fee of 50.00 euro must be paid in oder for a slot to be held in a potential students’ name prior to commencing his / her 8 weeks course. This sum will be deducted from the overall 8 weeks course fee and the balance payable on the 1st lesson.
All lessons included in the At Home Tuition course are charged at 27.50 per half hour. The lessons are taught on a one to one basis. Upon successful enrolment the appropriate term fee must be paid in full to the school prior to commencement.
When the second member of a family commences a reduced lesson rate applies and when you have 3 or more members of the same family attending lessons or 3 or more instruments being taught to the one family on a continued regular basis a further discount is introduced for a third student. The third student must first have completed the 8 week introductory course and the reduced rate will be commenced from the beginning of the very next term. These reduced rates are set out under each lesson plan

The retention fee is a courtesy discount from the normal lesson fee and is applied solely if a student wishes to leave a term early / will miss three or more consecutive weeks of a term and requests that his / her specific time slot be held. The retention fee is payable directly to the office and is set at 15.00 euro per week for every week the time slot is being held

Masterclasses are charged at the rate of 50.00 euro per hour. This rate also applies to  on demand / lessons outside core hours and not taught on a weekly consecutive basis

Past Theory Papers may be printed in the office for students who do not have access to a printer at home. A fee of 2.00 euro per paper will apply

Upon being given adequate notice Play Piano will provide an accompanist for a student of the school who needs accompaniment for either Junior / Leaving Cert performance. The fee is 50.00 per hour or part there of per student and must be paid in advance. If any in house rehearsals are required prior to the exam this may incur an extra charge. For further information please mail the office [email protected]