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Play Piano Certified Exams
About the Exam

As an alternative to coming to our school to sit an exam Play Piano offers a home exam service where you can be mentored through the various exam grades from junior to senior level. You can record your scales and music pieces in the comfort of your own home at a convenient time and then upload to our website. This service will be available 24/7 and your exam entry will be assessed by your very own tutor and head of school..

The aural and theory components of the exam will be assessed and marked in the course of your lessons. We hope this new exam approach will lend a hand to help alleviate the pressure of on demand performance on a given day and help alleviate the anxiety of being adjudicated by an unknown examiner.


No need to drive or go anywhere

Sit an exam any time throughout the year

Receive constructive, positive and personal feedback from your tutor and head of school.

The facility to record your exam pieces and submit the ones of your choosing.

Who can take an Exam

Students who have been a member of the school for at least 6 months

Students who are ready and have the relevant exam curriculum completed

Students who have been put forward by their individual teachers as being ready to sit their exam.

  • All videos uploaded must be of good quality
  • Video submissions may be uploaded in one take or in 4 separate videos
  • All performance pieces must be introduced in a clear manner by the applicant
  • Acoustic instruments should be in good tuning condition for your exam submission.
  • Videos taken from the side for piano and from the front for guitar and violins. No overhead camera shots
  • You should be attired appropriately for your exam submission.
Fees and Funding

Practical exam fees are payable at the time of entry via the online entry form. For general tuition the year consists of 40 weeks duration and is divided into three terms. Please note that fees are charged by the term and not on a weekly basis. All fees must be cleared by the end of a term. See our school terms and fees for more information.

How to Enter

Your teacher will assess your performance and validate you when you are ready to sit for your exam. Once you have received approval from your teacher you may then proceed with your exam submission. Your teacher will guide you all the way through this process from beginning to end.