Exam Fees

Exam Fees

At Play Piano we will prepare students to sit our own in house exams and external exams operated by the Royal Irish Academy of Music. All practical exams will take place on the Play Piano Campus in May and November of each year. If you have any questions please contact the office.

* Regarding the RIAM exams, fees will be paid by the practice to the Academy on behalf of a student and then recouped by a certain date.

Gerry Nulty

School Director 

RIAM Exam Fees


Elementary, Preliminary, Primary 25.00
Grade 1 €30.00
Grade 2 €30.00
Grade 3 €35.00
Grade 4 €35.00
Grade 5 €40.00
Grade 6 €40.00
Grade 7 €45.00
Grade 8 €50.00


Elementary, Preliminary, Primary €31.60
Grade 1 €48.30
Grade 2 €57.50
Grade 3 €63.50
Grade 4 €72.20
Grade 5 €72.20
Grade 6 €84.50
Grade 7 €88.00
Grade 8 €96.00
Recital Certificate - Junior €54.60
Recital Certificate - Intermediate €66.50
Recital Certificate - Advanced €83.00


R.I.A.M Theory and Harmony Written Exams

Preparatory Grade                          €23.00
Grade 1 & 2 €28.50
Grade 3, 4 & 5 €35.50
Grade 6, 7 & 8 €55.00



Payment Terms and Conditions

Please note all exam fees are paid in advance of an exam by the school on behalf of a student. The relevant fee/s will then in turn be sought by the school from the parent / guardian at an announced date. Please also check the website calendar / noticeboard for the closing dates pertaining to this issue

Fees for the above RIAM exams are set until the end of 2020 and any increases for 2021 will be announced and advertised above.

Enrolment Deposit

A fee of 50.00 euro must be paid in oder for a slot to be held in a potential students' name prior to commencing his / her 8 weeks course. This sum will be deducted from the overall 8 weeks course fee and the balance payable on the 1st lesson.

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