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Covid 19 policy

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Coronavirus COVID – 19 Policy Statement                                       

Statement of Effort:                                                                     July 2020

Dear Parent / Student 

As we look forward to re-opening the school, I would like to outline our Covid 19 policy statement and to set out some general measures we will be undertaking following HPSC guidelines in order to carry out our school teaching for the next academic year 20/21. There are new protocols to observe when attending for a lesson and I will ask you to do your best to adopt these procedures which should help us all keep safe.

Health and Safety

The school has implemented a Covid 19 Response plan where all teachers have been advised on: how to manage lessons safely, the importance of track and tracing, and how to help identify and assist with Covid 19 precautions and control measures.

Teachers at Play Piano

All current / new teachers at the school will be asked to complete a return to work form outlining to the best of their knowledge that they have no symptoms of Covid 19, are not self-isolating or awaiting a Covid 19 test result.

Displayed Posters

Some posters will be on display to remind everyone of the need to sanitize hands and socially distance. Unfortunately, there will be no handshaking allowed.

New Lesson Structure

The new structure of lessons will take effect from August 24th 2020 and are available for viewing on our website. There are a few options, but the main cohort of lessons will be delivered in an online / offline manner. All lesson times will remain as are currently on our timetable for students who availed of lessons up until the summer break. Students who opted for a term break during this period may re enrol and new time slots will be allocated. Any student needing a change of lesson time please email the office. 

Attending for a lesson.

The school per our timetable makes a note of a lesson time and an accompanying parent / guardian who accompanies a student to a lesson. Any non-family member accompanying a student to a lesson must be made known to the school and contact details of this person provided. 

Hand Hygiene

On entering the school waiting area please make sure to sanitise your hands with the gel provided. Alternatively, you may wash your hands with warm water and soap, dry with a paper towel and then put in the bin. Hand sanitiser will be available in each music room.

Wearing of Masks / Temperature Checks

Please feel free to wear a mask for your lesson if that is your choice. Regarding the wearing of masks / visors and temperature checking these will not be mandatory for the lesson at the school as the ability to social distance teachers from students is not an issue. Also at the time of writing there is still no strict National Policy regulation / guidance outlined regarding the implementation of these measures for individual schools or by the WHO (consideration for schools document) Our teachers may choose to wear masks / visors while giving a lesson and we would also ask all students to work with us in the event of recommendations surrounding this issue change during the period of the pandemic.

Room Management

Time of waiting will be kept to a minimum and your teacher will call you for your lesson. We will be operating 3 teaching rooms only and the lessons will be conducted on a one to one basis as per the norm. The individual rooms are big in size, well ventilated and set up with social distancing in mind, 2 pianos in each teaching room with 2 metres of separation and more in relation to singing. Rooms will be cleaned daily and pianos wiped with anti-bacterial wipes before and after every lesson. Guitar / violin students perform on their own instruments. 

Waiting Room

A maximum of 3 people will be allowed wait in this area at any one time and so if at your time this compliment is fulfilled we would ask you to be mindful of this and to explore other options of waiting i.e. in your car or sitting outside if the weather permits. Extra family members attending with students may have to be curtailed.

Fitness to Attend

Please advise the school in advance if you or your child are showing flu like symptoms before attending a lesson at the school. If you attend with any such symptoms you will not be permitted to stay or take a lesson. In this event we would ask you to phone your teacher early that day whereby you will be given your lesson virtually at your normal lesson time.

Vulnerable students

If you have an underlying illness and feel you might be compromised by attending for a lesson please advise the school and your lesson /s can be conducted for you virtually.


If you have been abroad and are self-isolating upon return, please make sure to advise the school of this issue. Your lessons can be delivered virtually for 2 weeks if you are subjected to quarantine rules.

Pencils / Erasers

Please make sure you have your own individual pencil and eraser for your theory lesson as these will not be supplied by the school in order to avoid any possible cross contamination.


Please make sure to have your piano albums, sight reading and theory books with you for your lesson as the procedure of using one of the school’s books will no longer be available to you for your class.

Entering / Leaving

All entries will be via the side entrance of the school as normal. Students taking lessons in rooms 1 and 2 will however be asked to leave by the front entrance and students who have lessons in the back studio will exit via the side entrance. 

These are just some practical measures we will be adopting in the school as I am sure you are aware that even in the midst of this changing time education still has to prevail and flourish and exams have to be done. I appreciate your support and co-operation during this prolonged period in keeping your own / children’s education going and health and safety a priority for one and all. We will be keeping abreast of new information in relation to the virus and will if needed implement any changes required at the school  or recommended by the HSE/ Government.

Thank you for reading and I understand that as every little detail may not be included here should you need any further clarification on any matter you may email the office This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or chat with your individual teacher.

Gerard M Nulty



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