Accordion Lessons

Accordion Lessons

The Accordion invented in the early nineteenth century is widley played all accross the world. Various styles of music may be performed on this very versatile instrument from classical right through to pop. The accordion is a fantastic instrument with a very distinctive personality and sound.

About this Course

Our Accordion lessons are taught on a one to one basis and designed and catered to your specific needs and musical aspirations. We teach a lot of different styles from classical to modern but specialise in the Irish traditional and celtic music field for the Accordion with a strong emphasis on Irish Dance music.

  • All Ages accepted from 8 years upwards.
  • All levels accepted from beginners to advanced.
  • Own accordion is required prior to lessons commencing.
Fees and Funding

At Play Piano the tuition year consists of 40 weeks duration and is divided into three terms. Please note that fees are charged by the term and not on a weekly basis. All fees must be cleared by the end of a term. See our school Terms and Fees section for more information.

How to Apply

A consultation will be held at the school or online for all new potential students prior to enrolment. At the consultation the enquiring student will be informed of operational procedures at Play Piano and presented with an enrolment form. When this is completed and returned the students name will then be added to the current waiting list and contacted when a suitable time slot arises.

New students are enrolled on an 8 week probationary course with a cost of 200.00 euro which must be paid for in full in advance. Upon successful completion of this period the student will be enrolled as a full member of Play Piano.